How to Remove Author and Date Information from Your WordPress Posts

By default, most WordPress themes display a set of meta data on published blog posts. This typically includes at least the author and the date the post was published. Such information can certainly be useful and informative for the reader, but there are certain instances where you might want to remove author and date information. (For example, older ‘evergreen’ posts can benefit from having the published date removed, so as not to imply the content is dated.) With the above in mind, this post will show you how to remove author and date information by using a plugin. This site uses “WP Meta and Date Remover” and you can verify the plugin works (at least with the template being used) by taking a look at this and our previous posts. There are other methods, other Plugins and we encourage you to experiment and find the one that works well with your site and/or your WP capabilities. This doesn’t have to be hard.   More information can be found at Elegant Themes, one of my favorite “go-to” sites for all things WordPress.