50 Most-Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Hongkiat has again published its list of the “Most Wanted” tips and tricks for WordPress. The link below is a complete list, but keep scrolling and I’ve added the “hacks” I love [or will love just as soon as I get to play with them] to use on my clients sites that add that little extra “Oomph” where you need it.




Embed Before and After Image Comparison

Have you ever experienced image comparison where you can slide to the right to see the before and to the left for the after? If you want to display something like that on your website, you can install TwentyTwenty. This plugin is based on Zurb TwentyTwenty. The plugin introduces a new shortcode, [twentytwenty], where you can add two images to compare.

Compatibility: WordPress 3.5.1 or higher


Revert Plugins or Themes to Previous Version (Easily)

As with any other system update, there is a chance that a new plugin or theme update may accidentally screw up your website. WordPress does not allow us to revert to the previous version but you can install this plugin WP-Rollback to get that functionality. Once it is activated it will add a link “Rollback” on any installed plugin.

Compatibility: WordPress 3.8 or higher


Text Editor SyntaxHighlighter

The WordPress text-mode editor is pretty plain. You can make it more user-friendly by installing HTML Editor SyntaxHighlighter, a plugin that adds syntax coloring like in a code editor. It will make editing a lot easier, especially if you use Text-mode editor more often than the Visual (WYSIWYG) counterpart.

Compatibility: WordPress 3.3 or higher


Adding Icon in Menu

Follow this tip to add icon beside your website menu items giving your menu navigation more visual appeal.

Compatibility: WordPress 4.1 or higher


Advanced Image Styles

We used to able to set margins and borders when we insert images to the content. From WordPress 3.9 onwards, these options were removed. If you missed them, you can install this plugin to bring these options back.

Compatibility: WordPress 3.9 or higher


Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR) for WordPress
FLIR allows you to convert text and title into images (better display quality) on the fly without hassle. Now this FLIR WordPress plugin make things even easier for bloggers.

Compatibility: WordPress 2.9.2


Contact Form by BestWebSoft
Contact form plugin for WordPress website is the best solution to receive messages from customers right to your email address(-es). Allow your customers to reach you in seconds! Loaded w/free features.

Compatibility: up to 4.6


Drop Shadow Boxes
Drop Shadow Boxes highlight important content on your posts, pages and widget areas. Personalise the box with drop shadow effects like raised, lifted and perspective and choose whether the box has an inside shadow, outside shadow and rounded corners.

Compatibility: up to 4.5.3


Loginizer is a WordPress plugin which helps you fight against bruteforce attack by blocking login for the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed. You can blacklist or whitelist IPs for login using Loginizer. You can use various other features like Two Factor Auth, reCAPTCHA, PasswordLess Login, etc. to improve security of your website.

Compatibility: up to 4.5.3

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